Sud Concept

"Sud Concept" is a cooperative founded in 2008, as a consultancy office and training organization implemented in Ajaccio, Bastia , Paris, Lens, Marseille, Toulon, Pointe-à-Pitre, Cayenne, Le Lamentin, Florence.

Nowadays, the Cooperativa is a non-profit organisation that aims to carry out activities in the fields of social solidarity, education and culture through the promotion of specific projects and actions of associative improvement and development in the areas of social welfare, education and training, guidance, sports and leisure-time activities for the community.

Sud Concept departments are: International Cooperation Department, Orientation / Assessment / Integration, Sustainable Tourism and Development, Business, Environment…

Its implementation allows to have an expertise of the economic context in deploy the following activities:

The cooperative works closely with Corsica Region, PACA region, state services (….), General Council, socio-professionals and associations to promote the development of employment and the qualification of employees and young adults in order to anticipate and support the economic, social and demographic changes.